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Products - Drum Heaters

In some cases - when only single drums have to be heated - an investment for a heating cabinet seems not always useful. For such applications we can quote electrically or steam heated single drum heater.
For most of the applications already the standard drum heaters can be used. But also with pleasure we can offer a special designed drum heater, adapted to your requirements. We then kindly would ask you to complete the belonging Online-Questionnaire.

For heating tasks where even drum heaters are not flexible enough, we can offer you silicone and metal heating belts in different lengths and widths.

Fassheizer für die Industrie - von ConThermo


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ConThermo High-Tech Fassheizer

Drum Heater

ConThermo High-Tech Dampf-Fassheizer

Drum Heater

ConThermo High-Tech Dampf-Fassheizer

Drum Heater

ConThermo Fassheizring Metall

Drum Heating
Belt (metal)

ConThermo Fassheizmanschette

Drum Heating
Belt (Silicone)

ConThermo Fassheizjacke für Fässer

Drum Heating

ConThermo Fassheizjacke groß für Container

Heating Jacket