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Heating Chambers
Validation of Heating Cabinets - Temperature Measurements acc. to DIN 12880

ConThermo Validation of Heating CabinetsParticularly in the pharmaceutical- and food-industry temperature measurements become more importance. This is partly absolutely required before putting into operation. We as manufacturer - of course - have such needful equipment for measuring the exact temperature distribution within our heating cabinets and to record the results for reason of documentation.
As to that measurings can be realised to individual specified temperature values covering the entire temperature range. The temperatures are measured - via Pt100 or thermocouple - at specified measuring points (max. 32 measuring points / acc. to DIN-rules are only 15 or 27 measuring points necessary). Under assistance of a special software the results will be recorded for documentation. The temperature tolerances to be kept have to be co-ordinated together with the future user.

The imaged graphics indicates a spatial temperature distribution on the basis of 27 measuring points within a pharmaceutical heating cabinet. At 80°C the spatial and the temporary temperature exactness of +/-2°C has to be kept. This means that at a definite time at no measuring point a higher deviation than 2°C is measured from the adjusted pre-set temperature value. Additionally no one of the total arranged measuring points may reach a higher temp. deviation than 2°C for the entire measuring

ConThermo Validation of Heating Cabinets