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Products - Melting Pots

Melting Pots and heated mixing containers are used where solid substances and bulk materials without outer packaging have to be heated. Especially by the employment of Stirrers the required heating time for liquefying the substances will be reduced significantly. In principle we differentiate in two types of heating:

  • direct heating
    by means of electrically resistance heating elements, which are directly arranged to the outside of the inner pot - and
  • indirect heating
    by means of a double mantle with thermal-oil filling
    a) with electric heating elements
    b) with external thermal-oil heating appliance.
ConThermo Melting Pots

On designing the most suitable heating pot for your need, with pleasure we would assist you - if you like also by discussing at site your heating tasks.

A further help for designing your heating pot also could be our Online-Questionnaire and our belonging leaflets.

ConThermo Melting PotsHere further information about melting pots

Melting pots can be applied wherever temperature variations from the control range of 5°C are tolerable at the inner housing.

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ConThermo Melting PotsHere further information about melting pots

Thermal oil heated melting pots should be applied wherever temperature variations at the inner housing are not tolerable.

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