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Heating Chambers - Controls

ConThermo Controls1. Conventionally Controls
Usually conventional controls of heating cabinets are consisting of electronic temp. controller and eletron. limiter. Timer, door contact-switches, door lock devices as well as combined air circulation-/ventilation-system are often components which are could be part of a conventional controls.

2. PLC-Controls (SPS)Equipped with PLC-controls the heating cabinet is disposing of various monitoring-, adjustments- and program functions which can be centrally operated via touch screen (Siemens). Because of the relatively high costs for such PLC-components and the complex individually pre-programming the complete operation structure (procedure) has to be defined in an early project phase. Afterwards it has to be balanced if a PLC-control is advisable for the planned application.

The image shows the conventional controls (switch box) of an electrically heated cabinet equipped with timer, electron. controller, electron. limiter and signal lamps for fault- and operation indication. Besides on- and off-switches for heating and air-circulation are visible. In the lower part one can see the main-switch in Emergency-Off-Function.